About Us

We come from a team of people who have worked in accounting for over 20 years. Recently we noticed that a lot of our clients were missing out on funds available to them through government programs designed to support their businesses. These were smart people who just couldn't spend the time to go through the mountains of documentation required by the government to apply in just the right way, for the funds that are available.

We think that is lousy. That's why we teamed up with some technology experts to make a better way. Hopefully you'll agree that, with Unclaimed Credits, we've succeeded.

Our priorities

  • Make applying simple
  • Always let clients know where they stand - online dashboard
  • Eliminate risk - no bill is sent until a client gets cash
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Meet The Team

Tim Wicker

accounting leader

With over 20 years running a thriving accounting practice, I've learned the ins and outs of business accounting. Working with government policies isn't always pretty, but I've found ways to make their programs actually work for you.

Ken Romley

technical lead

Having been the technical lead on 4 venture backed enterprise software startups, I know how to build solutions that deliver. With Unclaimed Credits, I'm excited to provide a solution that gets small to mid-sized businesses the financial support they deserve.