How It Works For Affiliates

Answers for people considering recommending our services with affiliate links

  • How much does an affiliate make?

    A typical commission is about $2,700/sale. There is no limit to the number of sales an affiliate can make.

    Each lead provided by an affiliate that turns into a customer creates a commission. Commissions are also earned when affiliates provide Unclaimed Credits referrals to additional affiliates who end up referring customers.

    The commission is calculated as a percentage of Unclaimed Credits' service fees. (see details)

  • Are there any costs associated with being an affiliate?

    No, no one pays to be an affiliate. The only cost is the time you put in. Since the main activity of an affiliate is to send links to people they know (e.g. business owners), the time required to be an affiliate should be relatively small.

  • What does an affiliate have to do to qualify for a commission?

    Affiliates provide links to businesses. If a business owner follows one of their links, verifies their email, and provides basic business information, that business becomes associated with the affiliate. From that point forward, any fees paid by the business to Unclaimed Credits will earn the affiliate a commission.

    Links can be provided in texts, emails, and/or banner ads. Prospects can also enter a code to specify the affiliate that will be given credit if they turn into a client. Each business can only be associated with, at most, one affiliate.

  • How are commissions calculated?

    Affiliates currently make the following commissions1:

    • 20% of sale goes to the sales affiliate (the affiliate who provided the link to the business owner)
    • 6% of sale goes to the affiliate's sponsor affiliate (the affiliate who brought in the sales affiliate)
    • 4% of sale goes to the sponsor affiliate's group leader (the affiliate who brought in the sponsor affiliate)
    • 3% of sale goes to the group leader's regional leader (the affiliate who brought in the group leader)

    As an example, if Unclaimed Credits was able to deliver $90k in grant money to a business, this would generate $18k in fees at our standard rates. The commissions from this sale would be as follows:

    • $3,600 to the Sales Affiliate (20% of $18k)
    • $1,080 to the Sponsor Affiliate (6% of $18k)
    • $720 to the Group Leader (4% of $18k)
    • $540 to the Regional Leader (3% of $18k)

    While this is a generous payout for having an affiliate send one email, we find it worth it to make sure that businesses find out about our services.

    1Unclaimed Credits reserves the right to change the commission structure at any time. Changes will be sent in advance, by email, to all affiliates. If changes are made to the commission structure they will not affect sales that are already in progress.

  • Are there incentives for businesses to work with affiliates?

    Yes, affiliates can provide their referrals extra discounts on Unclaimed Credits' fees.

  • If I am happy to recommend the service without a commission, can I pass discounts on to clients?

    Yes, you will be able to set up affiliate discounts for your referrals.

    If you prefer not to receive a commission, Unclaimed Credits will coordinate giving your commission to the accredited charity of your choice. Unclaimed Credits will even boost your giving with a 25% matching gift. (There are a lot of worthy charities out there, and we are happy to do our part).

  • How long will it take before I get a check?

    Affiliates are paid their commissions within 2 weeks of a business becoming a paying client.

    A business only becomes a paying client after they receive grant money from the government. Because the government often moves slowly, we've seen cases where it has taken as long on six months before businesses received their cash. On the flip side, we've seen people get checks in as little as 45 days.

  • Will I know what businesses are using my links?

    Yes, affiliates are provided a full dashboard that shows all the businesses that have interacted with their links, and the expected commissions that these activities will generate.

  • This seems like easy money. What's the catch?

    We strive to be a great deal for our affiliates, but there are aspects of our program to keep in mind.

    • We often need confidential businesses information to apply for grants. Business owners will take convincing to trust that we are legitimate, and to feel comfortable that Unclaimed Credits will honor our privacy policies.
    • Business are sometimes skeptical that grant money is available. It is part of why we offer ourĀ no riskĀ guarantee.
    • Because we wait for businesses to receive their money before we bill them and they become paying clients, it can take time to get your money. We've seen cases where it has taken as long as 9 months.